Yutyrannus 75cm Art Doll


Yutyrannus huali is the biggest known feathered dinosaur that could grow up to 9m in length. It is known from the three nearly complete fossils of different life stages. It lived during the Cretaceous period and was likely from the Yixian Formation of northeastern China. The palaeoclimate had an average annual temperature of 10°C, so Yutyrannus' feathers were likely used for insulation as well as display.

This art doll is a one-off, hand crafted piece by Rebecca Groom of Palaeoplushies. It is constructed using various faux furs which have been detailled by hand, stuffing, plastic armature and a foamy skeleton throughout it's body. The head, hands and feet were cast in resin from an original sculpt by the artist and then further detailled and painted individually. It stands roughly 75cm in length and is pose-able and surprisingly sturdy. It is carefully weighted to allow it to balance well with a little posing. 

This soft sculpture will come with a certificate of authenticity with the species name, date of creation (finished 11/07/2017) and artist's signature.

It will be packed carefully and sent via Tracked and Sign postage, the cost of which is included in the standard postage charge upon checkout. If you would prefer any other postage option please contact me.

This is a piece of art and not intended for heavy play by children. Small parts and pointy claws mean this is not a toy and is not  for children under 14 years of age.