Microraptor zhaoianus

Microraptor zhaoianus


This plush is a one-off, no other Microraptor plush I make will be exactly like this! It is made of custom printed fabric for the wings and face, with high quality faux fur body. It was sewn and stuffed by me. They have plastic safety eyes and plastic claws (that may be a little pointy!).

This plush will come with a certificate of authenticity, detailling their species, the date they were made and proving that they are an original Palaeoplushie handmade in Scotland by Rebecca Groom.

As this is a hand made item, it is not intended for children and is designed to be an art piece for adults. It contains small, pointy parts and poses a choking hazard. As they are stitched by machine, they won't fall apart if handled roughly but have not passed the relevant safety standards to be sold as a child's toy.

Plushie Dimensions: 110cm long
DescriptionM. zhaoianus is a species of four-winged dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Liaoning, China. Theyreached a maximum size of 1.2m and weighed around 1kg. Fossilised melanosomes in the feathers of Microraptor match those of modern birds which display black iridescent plumage.

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